• Photo By: Rajan Adhikari (www.rajan.com.np)

Rajan Adhikari – Photographer

My name is Rajan Adhikari as a Photographer, I love LONDON and love photographing the city too. Pressing the shutter as a photographer is sometimes harder than taking a long hike to capture the view. Through the camera I am able to communicate visually. The experience of recording that moment of time whilst standing still is exhilarating.

Photography changed my perspective of viewing what I was seeing and transformed my life greatly. It has enabled me to show others what I see differently, constantly looking at a different angle, being creative but true to nature, promoting industry and thrilling people, always learning!

Photographic Blogs by Rajan Adhikari

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Cryptic Cityscape of London

I see London as an artistic, mythical and modern city where you find Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge coming together – art, religion, history and modernism. South of the river Thames is Tate Modern, which holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world. On the North side…

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Panel of Prints 2018: Winner

Winning of Panel of Print 2018 competition held at Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society  ‘Cryptic CityScape’ was the combination of three photographs just managed to edged out Ania Dudzinska’s ‘Botanicals’ in a close fought competition in which Judge Dave Hipperson held back four entries.